Matthew Morrell

Mortgage Banker

Mortgage Banker

Mobile 562.343.4948
NMLS 1008678

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In the dynamic industry of home lending, things change quickly. Fluid market conditions and new mortgage programs are always right around the corner whether buying, selling, refinancing, or building a new home. As a well-rounded loan officer, I have the experience and knowledge to lead my clients down any avenue of the financing process and the determination to help choose the right road to take depending on all the options. I pride myself on remaining current in the industry, always expanding my base of knowledge so that I can provide accurate financial advice efficiently and consistently. Ultimately, my highest priority is providing services based in care for my clients that far exceeds expectations. My website offers convenient decision-making tools and calculators in order to easily browse through different available loan programs along with a secure online application. After the application process is initiated, an online form is available to set up an appointment to discuss loan details, or I will follow up by phone. For expert advice through personalized service, I invite you to contact me anytime by phone, fax, or email. As always, I greatly appreciate the opportunity to lend my hand, and I look forward to working alongside you.  

I've referred several of my clients as well as friends and family to Matt and they've all been very happy with the experience. Unlike other mortgage brokers who are high pressure, concerned only about the sale, Matt takes the time (and actually enjoys) educating his clients and providing options, based on their personal needs and situation. Matt and his team actually CARE about the people they help, and this is what sets them apart. I HIGHLY recommend Matt, even if you're already working with someone else. It always helps to have a second opinion, especially with such an important decision such as buying a home or finding the best option for a refinance.